YRKKH 16th June 2023 written update:-Akshara organize the game in party

Akshara is shocked to see Abhimanyu instead of Abhinav in today’s 16th June 2023 episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH).

He tells her that he knows it’s for Abhinav and not for him. While Akshara tells him that she went out with Kairav and Aarohi and drank a lot of mocktails, her behavior suggests she is drunk.

Her thanks to Abhimanyu stops him as he is about to get her a cure.

Meanwhile, Manjari chides herself for thinking of Abhimanyu and Akshara together.

As Akshara sways in his arms, Abhimanyu and Akshara shake hands.

Ruhi and Abheer come running to Akshara the next day asking her about their looks, while Akshara welcomes Abhinav’s uncle.

Afterwards, Muskaan introduces Kairav to Abhinav’s uncle, who gives Kairav a hard time while Manish thoroughly enjoys the comments.

Afterwards, they perform the Himachali wedding ritual and have lunch.

In the meantime, Suhasini tells Surekha to adjust a little after complaining about being hot.

Surekha’s complaint graph rises with heat just as the fan stops due to a short circuit.

While Abhinav offers to fix it in a few minutes, Manish, Kairav, and Abhimanyu all offer to buy him a new one instead of struggling.

However, Akshara tells them not to be spendthrifts, and Abhinav will repair it within no time.

In addition, she opened the window and covered it with a wet cloth to keep the breeze cool.

Meanwhile, Muskaan receives a call from Dev and goes outside.

Astonished by Dev’s demand, she begs him for fifty thousand rupees when Kairav arrives.

Kairav misunderstands Muskaan and tells her that he will give her the money if she has to pay her friend. Muskaan looks caught.

Muskaan, however, tells him that she has refused her friend’s offer of money and she will arrange for it from another source.

Afterwards, Suhasini asks Neelam Amma if they can incorporate Muskaan’s rituals and give him some gifts as well.

She is told to go ahead by Neelam Amma since Muskaan is also her daughter.

To silence Dev, Muskaan gives the envelope full of money to him when she sees the envelope.

As guests begin to leave, Abhinav’s uncle blesses Abhimanyu and Akshara instead of Ahinav and Akshara, and apologizes after realizing his mistake.

Ruhi tells Abheer he will soon find his real father and not to worry when he finds him looking sad later.

The eyelash will definitely bring him happiness if he makes a wish on it.

Afterwards, Manjari confesses to Shefali that he was wrong to separate Abhimanyu and Akshara and that Abhimanyu’s happiness can be found only with Akshara.

Shefali believes that relationships should not be forced.

Through Abhinav and Aarohi, Akshara and Abhimanyu have already been given a second chance, and she shouldn’t consider breaking ties because four lives are on the line.

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