YRKKH 17th2023 written update:aarohi with hangover drink

The 17th June 2023 written update for Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is available: YRKKH wrote update

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai episode 17th June 2023 begins with Abhinav watching Abhimanyu and Akshara working together.

He feels jealous while Neelam Amma asks him if he is alright. He says he feels bad, that fate is trying to communicate with him, but he ignores it like a stubborn child.

By removing something that belongs to someone else and correcting his wrongdoing, fate may be trying to set everything right.

Meanwhile, Akshara asks Abhinav what is worrying him while Neelam Amma instructs her to calm Abhinav down.

Abhinav is told playfully by Akshara not to take tension or he will become jealous.

Akshara tells Abhinav that everything will be fine as she hugs him.

Abhimanyu Sees Muskaan with Dev

Instead of fifty thousand rupees, Dev only sees fifteen thousand rupees when he counts the money.

Despite Muskaan’s pleas, Dev refuses to give her more time. She will pay him in instalments.

If she doesn’t receive the money by tomorrow, he threatens to viral her video.

Muskaan looks nervous and fearful as Abhimanyu observes her in the car with a stranger.

After Muskaan closes in on Abhimanyu, he is shocked to see him. Muskaan lies to Abhimanyu about Dev despite Abhimanyu’s concern.

As Abhimanyu reads Muskaan’s lie, he is intrigued and decides to investigate further.

Shefali reminds Manjari to remember Aarohi and Ruhi as well as Abhimanyu and Akshara, while Aarohi plays with Ruhi. Abheer overhears Aarohi playing with Ruhi.

Upon seeing Akshara, Aarohi discovers Abhinav’s lost and worried behavior

ask for her help. Seeing Abhinav’s worry, she asks Akshara if she has noticed it as well.

The fact that Abhinav’s sister is getting married and Abhimanyu’s uncle is blessing the couple is putting a lot of pressure on him.

According to Aarohi, Abhinav identifies himself differently from the other male members of the group to her and Abheer.

She reminds Akshara that he becomes stronger when they are by his side.

When anything happens to Abhinav’s world, he will shatter.

She is right, and this is what scares her, along with the fact that she doesn’t know how Abheer will react once he knows his real father.

Aarohi tells her that she should see Abheer’s love for two fathers as a positive sign.

During this time, Abheer and Ruhi hear Aarohi’s comments about his fathers.

Meanwhile, Abhinav’s new Kurta tears when he takes it off because it is too tight. Neelam Amma is not listening to Akshara’s advice about buying a bigger size, while Abhinav is baffled that Neelam Amma did not listen to his advice.

tells him that he looks cute when he is worried.

He recalls a Kurta he has worn only once and she tells him she has a matching Saree she will wear too, like a trending couple


After he fails to return her compliments, Akshara gets angry and hugs him when he tells her words cannot describe her.

However, Abhinav’s worry prevents him from returning the hug. M Muskaan’s Gets Jewellery

In the meantime, Neelam Amma gives Muskaan jewellery that she has collected over the years as well as some that belong to her mother.

Akshara asks Muskaan to speak to him about them. It is impossible for Muskaan to accept them.

According to Akshara, they aren’t just jewellery, but the blessings of an Indian mother who begins collecting gold for her daughter from the moment she born

Akshara tells her not to insult her mother’s love and she’ll understand once she becomes a mother.

Muskaan then contemplates selling the jewelry after Dev sends her another threatening message.

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