YRKKH 19th June 2023 written update:-ruhi thinks of an idea

Today’s YRKKH 19th June 2023 episode starts with Muskan He messages Dev that he is coming house with the money.

Then she talks to the former that she is going to the parlour.

However, he ceases to feel unusual calmness and deliberates during the excitement around himAnd shows the video to Muskaan.

Eyes get weak watching the video while Suline asks what is she going to meet.
this man.

Surekha got angry on Muskaan
She Smiles An innocent girl accuses her family of cheating while appearing to smile
They say that this video is an illusion.

However, Suline refuses to believe him and calls Shameless to maintain his revenge.
They study and everyone agrees that there will be no wedding as Muskaan’s truth is out.

Meanwhile, Akshara Surekha is asked to consider the other aspect of the cycle as well as they know very well
How Kairav was accused of killing Anisha when she was innocent.

Actra Surekha says instead of supporting Muskaan when she is blackmailed
Something lousy, she is to blame just because she is a girl.

However, Suhasini interrupts Akshara saying that she is questioning Muskaan because
That is the family of the daughter-in-law.
He sees his family nothing but a smile sometimesPrestige.

However, Akshara Suhasini says nothing is wrong and she does KairavBoth have one.
Meanwhile, Suhasini says with a smile that her only complaint is that why didn’t he hesitate When he told them about himself along with his incident, he told everything.

Manish tells Muskan that if not she should have told about this to Abhinay or the accused.

Meanwhile Abhimanyu smilingly asked if there is any kind of relation between him
The men and Muskan come to know about it.

Surekha taunts him for living in the dark and Muskaan is drawn to a cunning woman who wantsHis option.

However, on accepting the guilt on accepting Kairav’s offer, Naubat asks him to accuse him smilingly and explains
everything to him but ifSurekha keeps accusing him then where will he go?

Kairav has an accident- looking at Udar, Akshara asks where has he gone while others are also shocked in many ways
While Manjari notices that Abhimanyu is moving.

Kairav is seen, this minor sees the intersections and tells Akshara that Kairav cannot go without her.

Muskaan overhears while Akshara tells her that Kairav might be agitated because of Anisha.Naam but he will never leave Muskaan like this.

However, the accusatory letter states that it was his fault to allow for this union.
Kairav is not the right man for Muskaan.

Meanwhile, Aarohi brings Akshara to see Muskaan, who is in a very bad condition.
Muskaan fears that she has ruined everything and Kairav leaves her.

Then comes and throws Dev into the house and smiles that Kairav didn’t leave him but
left Only went to get the advertisement.

Kairav threatens Dev that he will beat him if he does not tell everyone immediately.Dev admits that he manipulates the situation to his advantage to blackmail him for money.

that Muskaan rejected him after a month as she realized he was not the right person for her Work.

Manish asks Abhimanyu to take her to the police station and arrest Akshara.
Saying a prayer of thanks for making everything right.

At the same time, Manish is about to get Surekha a job from Muskaan when Muskaan appears to him.

He doesn’t need to feel sorry because he is the one to whom he didn’t tell about his incident.

However, Akshara says that one should not be sorry and that their society is
It is always wrong to accuse a girl of being a girl whether she is wrong or not.

all ends well all ends badly Akshara Muskaan is also told that he is never afraid to come to his family if he ever has any trouble.

Namit also asks Kairav to joke and asks how he finds Dev so quickly while Kairav takes it.
Abhimanyu hands in Dev to help him with the details.

After a while, stopping Kairav’s smile from increasing, tell him that he was not wrong,
And asks her to promise not to hide anything in future.

Later requests come from Akshara to defeat about minor Kairav and she comes to know that it wasHis love for Muskaan is what made him say all this. Meanwhile, Akshara asks him to stop demanding what he wants and promises that they will never fight with each other about smile and kaira

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