YRKKH 20th June2023 written update:-Abhinav Seeing Muskaan crying

    He tells everyone that the preparation of Kairav’s sangeet is on his shoulders and that’s why.
He has prepared the dancing list for everyone and announces it one by one.

Finally, everyone smiles when Akshara and Abhimanyu’s name is added together.

comes there and tells them that seeing them together is the best feeling in the world.

She suggests to Abhinav that no matter how hard they try, destiny has a way of bringing them back together.

Meanwhile, Abhinav reminds her that she is talking to Akshara’s husband.
However, Manjari tells her that she has no option but to speak as it pertains to them sons.

She asks Abhinav to see all three of them and tells him that this is not their ideal family.

She tells him that everyone can see the truth but no one is saying anything because no one wants to be on people’s bad side but she speaks because someone has to think about itAkshara and Abhimanyu’s relationship

Meanwhile, Abhinav tells Manjari that Akshara is his wife so such things should not be mentioned Future.

However, Manjari tells him that it was not her intention and she has come only for Abhir Seeing them together, she realizes that all three are together because Abhir is need Both his parents.

She asks him if he doesn’t think that Abhimanyu and Akshara should be given anotherEvent .

Aarohi calls Manjari selfish.
Just then Manjari learns that Aarohi has overheard her and goes to talk to her.

However, Aarohi tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about all this as she is Abhimanyu’s.

You have every right to think about the mother and her.She tells him that she also knows that she and Abhimanyu are not made for each other and thatHe was marrying her only because of Ruhi, who would be deeply saddened if she did not accept this marriage.

place but for the moment the one she is feeling bad for is Abhinav.
Meanwhile, Abhinav submerges his head in a water tank to soothe his aching heart and feels pain.

Breakdown and tries to convince herself that she, Akshara and Abir are family and the rest are one lie

Meanwhile, Aarohi tells Manjari that she is hurting Abhinav the most and that they were able to Sara bears the pain as she had children with him but Abhinav only has Abhir andAkshara and he want to take them away.Aarohi accuses Manjari of being selfish and breaking a happy family moving forward.with their lives.

She calls Manjari a stubborn and insensitive person who is adamant to get her wish and does not wondering who she hurt in the process.

Abhinav praises Akshara.Next morning, Akshara brings tea for Abhinav while he asks her how did she know.

Advance that she badly needs a cup of tea.
Then Abhinav sees Abhimanyu taking care of the preparations and gets sad thinking thatAkshara and Abhimanyu together.

Meanwhile, Akshara tells her not to worry much as she will handle everything and
Will always be there to support him.
Later, she asks Abhinav how he should dress in the evening and when he gets angry.

Abhinav gives her a diplomatic answer.
Seeing Akshara angry, Abhinav stops her and pulls Akshara back by her dupatta.
Tells her that she will not be convinced so easily.

Abhinav tells her that she is not a hero so he will say this and arrange to forgive her.
Dupatta on her shoulder.
He asks her to leave her hair out of bounds as he likes to admire her when she puts it upHair back every few minutes.

Akshara shyly smiles at him while he keeps on saying that she shouldn’t do makeup tonight.As her beauty shines without any adornment.

Later, everyone gathers together for the sangeet ceremony where Abhi and Ruhi host it have a party and ask everyone to dress up in sequence

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