YRKKH 21th june 2023 written update:-Arohi heard real life of her

Today’s YRKKH 21st June 2023 episode starts with Ruhi telling
Everyone said that the one who was supposed to be Surekha’s sympathizer did not come.
Somebody has to partner with him.

Surekha is grateful for her partner’s absence while Manish offers to be her dancing partner.

However, Kairav objects saying that Manish is from the groom’s party while Muskaan
Tells her that Manish has called her his daughter so she can be from the bride’s side as well.

Later, the performance begins and Mimi and Neelam Amma dance to the tune of “Morni”.

Later, Manjari and Swarna perform an amazing dance on the song “Morni Banke”.
Next up is Surekha and Manish with a bit of spice in their dance
Which everyone enjoys fiercely.

After that Abhinav and Kairav come on stage while Abhinav’s spirits are already weighed.
Afraid of losing Akshara and Abhir.

During the performance, Muskaan distracts Kairav by winking at him, which makes Kairav stumble

Charan while innovative performance wins.
Muskaan and Aarohi then come on stage dancing gracefully to the tunes of “Kesariya”.

Meanwhile, Manjari is still confused about Abhimanyu and Akshara not coming back
Wants to lose Aarohi and Ruhi.

After that Abhimanyu, Ruhi, Abhir and Akshara come on stage for the face-off dance.
The tune of “Dum Dum Mast Hai”.

Abhinav’s fear increases manifold after seeing the amazing dance chemistry of the beach.
Abhimanyu and Akshara.
After the performance, Abhimanyu drags Kairav and Muskaan onto the stage to dance together.

While others also join them in a duet dance.
Akshara suggests Abhinav to dance with her but Abhinav gets overwhelmed with her feelings and
Excuse yourself Akshara gets worried thinking that apart from the marriage, Abhinav is worried about something else.

Later, Akshara goes down on her knees to invite Abhinav to dance with her, while Abhinav holds Akshara’s hand to see if she is worthy of holding his hand or not.

Despite the struggle, Abhinav holds Akshara’s hand remembering their promise to be together forever
towards him.

As Abhinav hugs her in agony, Akshara gets worried and asks him what else is bothering him.

Abhinav tries to avoid confrontation but Akshara repeatedly makes him confess that she is not
Dancer as good as Abhimanyu.

Akshara stops Abhinav from going and tells him that no one will leave until he tells.
What is he hiding?

She asks him not to dare to lie as he will come to know Abhinav tells her that he is

Akshara looks shocked while Abhinav hugs her and tells her that he is scared of the unknown.

Looking at her with teary eyes, Abhinav tells her that middle class people like him are scared of him
Only thought of losing everything.

Akshara misunderstands Abhinav’s sadness to think that he is scared of Muskan leaving them.
alone and tells him that Muskaan is not going anywhere other than her home and they are here
Neelam Amma has nothing to worry about.

Before Abhinav can clarify anything, Abhir comes to take Abhinav and Akshara to see Manish and
Swarna’s dance performance.

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