YRKKH 23th june 2023 written update:-abhir curious about his real father

YRKKH23rd June2023 Episode starts with Pandit ji calling the bride The groom is in the mandap while Abhinav looks worried
And asks Akshara if everything looks good

Akshara tells him that both bride and groom are Happy to be together and that’s all that matters.

After some time Pandit ji calls the groom’s sister. Gathbandhan and Suhasini call Akshara.

However, Akshara tells everyone that she and AarohiBoth love Kairav equally so they both will performalliance.

Meanwhile, Surekha finds fault with the arrangements And tells Abhinav that he should have listened to himAnd come to Udaipur.

Later, Abhimanyu drags Abhinav to the mandap Ferus and asks him to stay there.
Just then the power goes off and Surekha tauntsstart while Akshara tells them that there is nothing to doworry because they all can open their mobile flashlightTo light up the space.

Everyone liked the idea and opened the torchNeelam Amma praises Akshara to Abhinav for solving allProblem.

Abhinav realized that he was creating unnecessary reasonsTrouble ensues for Akshara and she decides to apologize to him.

Focus only on your family.Abhimanyu asks Akshara to tell the truth to Abhir.

Meanwhile, Abhimanyu tells Akshara that she needsTalk to him at this very moment while Akshara asks him whyHe called her in the middle of the wedding.

Abhimanyu tells Akshara what he wants to talk aboutAbout the most important.
Akshara gets worried and tells him that they should beSmile and focus on Kairav, especially when everyone is happy and together.

However, Abhimanyu tells her that Abhir is physicallyokay and there’s no need for any restrictions on thatanymore.

Akshara realizes there is more to the story and asksWhy does he need to dramatize the situation wheneveryone is happy.

Meanwhile, Abhinav looks for Akshara and is around her.

When Neelam gives him something, he will go in search of itWork.

Meanwhile, Akshara tells Abhimanyu that they haveDecides to tell everything to Abhir when the right time comes.

So why is he getting impatient now?

However, he asks her what time it is according to Abhir has a right to say this and they are not fair towards it
Abhir who is dying to know about his father.

Akshara refuses to believe him saying that he has explainedAbhir appreciates everything and she is fine with it.

However, Abhimanyu tells her that he hides his feelings.from him and Abhinav because he doesn’t want toHe worries but really, he’s still curious.

Akshara tells her that Abhir is different and she trusts him.mother but Abhimanyu tells her that they are not doingAbhir should think about his real fatherEvery time he looks at Abhinav.

He tells her that she cannot see it as he is
keeping itDo it for yourself.

Akshara tells him to stop behaving impulsively wheneverything is going fine
and he didn’t even tellInnovation about half truths.

Akshara tells Abhimanyu that she knows
Abhir and he is happy while Abhimanyu tells
him thatAs a father he also knows that he is not happy. Meanwhile, Akshara begs him to give her something else.

Abhinav is already tense about Muskaan
marriage and it will not be easy for him to know that hisThe son knows that he is not his father.

Abhinav hears the truthAbhinav who is looking for Akshara feels tornlisten to the newsAfter a while Abhimanyu tells Akshara that afterShe will also have to tell the truth to Abhinav at the wedding.

As Abhir and he understands that it will not be easyAnyone at any time.

Abhimanyu is sure that Abhinav would also like to tellAbhir is the whole truth and there can be a better waytell him.

Meanwhile, Abhinav’s world turns dark for himThe moments spent with Abhir flash before his eyes. Abhinavis shocked when Aarohi bumps into him but sheNeelam remains unresponsive when Amma asksAkshara has a box of vermilion

Abhinav remains silent till he sees Abhir waving his hand.He becomes more happy.
However, he is shocked when Abhir runs intoAbhimanyu standing behind him also waves.at his side.

Abhinav’s world collapses on its axis seeing her with him.Abhimanyu and he left

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