YRKKH 26TH June 2023 written update:-manjali catches the sight.

The 26th June 2023 episode of YRKKH begins with Manish telling Manjari to stop insulting them.

Asking Manjari if she dislikes Akshara’s happiness, he taunts her, asking what problem she has.

Also, Swarna comes forward and tells Manjari that she and Manjari have never let anything come between their relationship, but that Manjari has insulted and humiliated their children.

Manish tells Manjari she should think about her son, who has always held his head high, bowing down in shame today, and explain her actions.

She refuses to provide a justification, despite the fact that she did not say anything wrong.

It’s time for Manjari to speak up about what she has left to say, Manish mocks her and says she still has a lot to say.

Manjari states that she said only what was in front of everyone’s eyes.

Manjari silences Abhimanyu, saying that Akshu and Abhi are truths that cannot be denied.

By saying she was only thinking of their grandson Abheer, she justifies her actions by saying she wanted him to live in a stable environment.

The only reason Manjari speaks up is so Abheer can live with his parents.

As a result, she decided to tell Abhinav all of this in order to spare him much more suffering.

When Abhinav realizes that Abheer is the son of Akshara and Abhimanyu, he will be able to escape.

It will hurt even more when that time comes after all the court proceedings and other things, since they will have spent more time together.

Finally, Akshara speaks up and explains that it might be Manjari’s truth, but not hers.

Manjari doesn’t know what has happened over the past six years and how special their relationship is to her.

Despite the fact that they were the perfect family until a few days ago, Akshara refuses to let them be ruined.

Asshara tells Manjari that she is not who she was six years ago, and she will fight for her sister and her perfect family. Manish arrives and begins arguing with Manjari, and they both angrily say they will fight together.

fight for Abheer’s custody in court only.

Abhinav interrupts their argument and reminds them that Abheer is still his biological child, even though he is not his biological child.

Abheer’s childhood should not be snatched from him, however.

If the truth is revealed to Abheer, Manjari says Abhinav will benefit.

He cautions Abhinav against bending too much as he informs him of the custody trial’s date.

According to him, if Abhimamyu wins the trial, Abheer will learn the truth and live with Abhimamyu.

Abheer will never learn that Abhimanyu is the biological father if the trial goes in favor of Akshara and Abhinav.

Despite Abhimanyu’s objections, Manjari accepts the deal on their behalf.

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