YRKKH 27th June 2023 written update:-manish apologises to abhinav!

In the beginning of the episode of Aaj Ka Yeh Rishta Kya Hai (YRKKH) 27th June 2023 Manish tries to stay calm in the water by Akshara.

Akshara says Manisha has heard that Manjari has drawn a line between them, and it is his responsibility to still be with her.

On being told that she didn’t want to take anything from Abhir, Manjari says that she was unable to share between the three people in Abhir’s childhood but now she will either include it completely in the film or lose it.

Meanwhile, Manish tells Akshara that this is not the time to be hopeful as he still will not go to Manjari.

At the same time, Surekha Manishi is reminded about the last court case where Abhinav was not only vilified badly but was also proved to be a different father.

However, Manish tells Akshara not to worry and keep her love for Abhir and she will not let Abhir go away from them.

On the other hand, Abhimanyu Manjari says that he only wants to win now but not for

Anything from Abhir.

Manjari says she has to be in mood for her right and inquires what will she do in Kasauli or Akshara will clear everything.

Meanwhile, Suhasini is reminded by Manishi that she is in a relationship with Birla whom she cannot date as Aarohi and Ruhi were influenced by his passion.

However, Manish says that he cannot let Manjari ruin Akshara’s happy family.

Kairav gets worried when he sees the real him.

She tells Akshara that she knows the nature of her family very well, so they are only reminiscing.

Kairav is also asked that for how many days he has packed. Surprised by this, Kairav told him that he was a ritual rest.

Meanwhile, Akshara reveals- there is roti about the plant which she has to face in the future while Abhinav still sleeps with.

The Innovator opens his eyes in silence about the long night ahead, and he cannot imagine leaving them. Akshara lays down to sleep and Navonmeshi opens his ending by being silent about the long night ahead.

When asked about Akshara innovation, she gets worried about innovation going out.

A note is uploaded on the table to Abhir saying that she is leaving Abhir.

She leaves Akshara behind as she learns that he is not her father.

He felt relieved after reading the letter.

He then searches for innovation and is horrified after something unreal happens as predicted in his dream.

He is scared and asks Akshara to call Abhinav and keeps the note on the table like in his dream.

Sold it with still trembling hands, then she sees Abhinav inside and runs to hug him and says he scared her.

He also says that he knows that he is not her real father, but he does not want to lose her.

Innovation looks shocked and apologizes to Abhir for not talking about it earlier and says that he is the best son in the world.

Meanwhile, Abhir promises her that he will never leave her in future as he will become an exemplary son.

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