YRKKH 28th jun 2023 written update :-aksara feeling Scared

Despite Manjari’s bitter words, Abhinav hesitates to promise to never leave him alone.

As Abhimanyu packs his stuff, he thinks about Manish and Swarna’s words.

Then Akshara comes there offering to give Muskaan’s return wedding gift while Abhimanyu assures Muskaan that he will always be there for her.

According to Manish, Manjari and Manish’s decision is somewhat right since they should only focus on Abheer, and he apologizes for Manjari’s words.

Akshara also agrees, telling Abhinav that they don’t want to live in fear of losing Abheer.

In another scene, Abhinav thanks Manjari for attending the wedding and presents her with a gift.

Having said all those hurtful things to Abhinav, Manjari apologizes to him.

No matter what happens, Abheer will never leave her, no matter how much she apologizes.

Prior to today, he feared that Abheer might not want him after learning the truth, but not anymore.

Earlier that morning, Abhinav promised Abheer and Akshara that he would never leave them.

He tells Manjari that Akshara and Abheer are his strength, and he will never let them go nor will her dream ever be realized.

Meanwhile, Manjari tells him that Abheer is only Abhimanyu’s if he feels this way for Akshara.

A few days later, Abheer asks Abhimanyu to stay some more days, but Abhimanyu says he has some important work to accomplish.

In the meantime, Kairav is surprised to hear that his family is extending their stay, while Abhinav explains that they will be sightseeing for some time.

Aarohi is told by Akshara that she can join Abhimanyu and Manjari as well as Ruhi who has school after Kairav and Muskaan leave.

Aarohi tells her that she is grateful to have the chance to stand beside her for the first time.

The two of them stand together for Manish, and he is proud of them.

Overhearing Manish’s decision, Abheer gets excited over the prospect of going to Udaipur.

After Abhimanyu and Manjari are ready to leave, Akshara informs Abheer that they will be going to Udaipur for his custody case.

As Akshara tells him that his real father wants him to live with him, Abheer looks puzzled.

When Abheer hears that custody means giving a child to his father, he asks Abhinav if they are going to Udaipur because of that.

He is told Akshara is going to Udaipur to seek advice about custody proceedings from smart people.

After a while, Abheer asks Akshara if his father wanted him to have custody.

Also, he tells her that he knows his father attended Muskaan’s wedding, and he even tried to locate him.

Despite Abhimanyu and Akshara’s shock, Abheer continues to say that if given the option, he would live with his parents.

Akshara and Abhinav are filled with happiness and hope as Abhimanyu is plunged into despair by Abheer’s words.

According to Abheer, besides Abhinav Akshara, he can only live with Manish, Swarna, and Abhimanyu due to their equal love for him.

Upon hearing Abheer, Abhinav and Akshara’s smiles vanish.

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