YEKKH 30june 2023 written update : Akshara relaxing in room

YRKKH 30th June 2023 Written Update :
Today’s episode 30th June 2023 episode begins with AksharaRelaxing in my room in the UK thinking about the lawyer thing and had very low expectationsAkshara worries about Abhir’s old age and remainssteadfast.

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She herself says not with Abhimanyu, not with Abhimanyu.even now Akshara’s condition is such thatAbhimanyu is asked to come home early.

Abhimanyu gets worried by Abhir’s call and reaches Goenka’s house without asking.
what happened to him.

Kairav is shocked to see Abhimanyu in the and questions Sanket from the people present there.

Before Abhimanyu can answer, he has just been told that Abhimanyu has been called there.

Everyone is shocked by this news and curiosity is still visible while he takes Abhimanyu Akshara’s Rumer tells them that Akshara is having a panic attack.

What will be known as of now that Abhimanyu is the father?
Will Abhimanyu win the battle for justice and what will Akshara take forever

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