YRKKH 8th June 2023 written update: abhimanyu gives envelope

YRKKH 8th june 2023 written update

YEKKH 8thjune 2023

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written 8th June 2023Update: YRKKH Written Update

Abhir asks Akshara if he can take a bowl from the kheer if Abhimanyu permits. The episode begins with Akshara making kheer.

After getting sad, Akshara asks Abir if he’s okay. She doesn’t know who his real father is. Abir tells her that now that he knows she’ll tell him, he’s just waiting for when he’s a big boy. Akshara feels relieved when Abir is understanding.

Kid and Kairav vow to tell Abhinav later. Smile’s wedding. Meanwhile, Kairav sends Aarohi a selfie to convince her that he is getting married.

Upon hearing the news, Aarohi is shocked. Ruhi is excited to tell her that she will meet Poppy and Abhir.

There is also shock for Manjari to hear this news. Meanwhile, Manish happily breaks up with Pandit ji and asks them to give them two options. Suhasini tells them that she is extremely grateful for this opportunity.

Neelam Amma, meanwhile, tells Abhinav she wants to marry with simplicity and a smile Muskaan and Kairav are both shy to reveal themselves, so Akshara asks them to ask Muskaan what she desires.

The opportunity is seized by Vikalp and Abhimanyu, while Kairav and Muskaan are teased by Abhimanyu.

Eventually Muskan tells Kairav that she wants a small wedding with close family and friends. Kairav kisses Muskaan on the cheek in front of everyone.

During the conversation, Akshara teases him for blushing so rudely. Afterwards, everyone gathers around their phones to make a video call.

They are all excited about the marriage and Manish.Givingthem two options, they say that a Muhurta(Date) is after four months and one is after seven days.

After seven days, they agree to get married, but they are unable to get married in Kasauli or Udaipur.

Suhasini begs him to let them marry

Kasauli is adamant that Kasauli should get married with simplicity since this may be Abhinav’s last marriage. Surekha also reminds him of this.

It is their weak economic condition that prompts them to come to Udaipur. Meanwhile, Muskaan tells them she is still the same. The daughter of this family wants to get married in Kasauli. Fulfill their dreams.

Swarna, however, tells him he should not be afraid to speak his mind since she will be the daughter of this house.

Kairav and Neelam are also a burden on Amma because they have so muchKairav and Neelam are very helpful to the guests and in Udaipur as well several locations are available.

Meanwhile, Kairav tells Swarna that he can arrange everything same thing in Kasauli, no matter how many people participate, Surekha spews her poison again at Kairav, claiming he must be speaking Muskaani in such a situation.

Before anyone can speak, Aarohi interrupts. Surekha, don’t talk nonsense because if Muskaan is going to adopt her, then why are they doing that?

Expecting something different from Kairav?

A wedding is also taking place in Udaipur, which she informs Kairav about. This would be more convenient than making the trip to another city.

It’s difficult. However, Neelam Amma again requests that he let her go. A wedding is being held in Kasauli. The call gets disconnected as soon as Neelam Amma enters. Anxious, she believes that the groom’s family has committed a crime

Neelam is being consoled by Akshara and Abhimanyu. They feel serious as they hear what he said. Amma tells him there must be some sort of problem with the network. In spite of living in the same city as her, he revealed that his marriage was also full of arguments.

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