YRKKH 9th June 2023 written update:Akshara the groom

In the episode of YRKKH (9th June 2023), Akshara tell Neelam Amma the same thing happened to her marriage

After seeing Abhinav’s sad face, she improvises, telling them that all of her family’s marriages occur in the same way. Suddenly, the network comes back, and Manish apologizes.

In the meantime, Akshara tells them that relationships, like furniture, require time and adjustment.

They should also agree that Kairav and Muskaan both want to get married in Kasauli.As Aarohi deals with Abhimanyu, Abhinav, and Akshara all at once, she is disappointed.

Seeing Neelam Amma’s fallen face, Suhasini and Manish agree to have a wedding at Kasauli. Suhasini will send e-invites to all guests as they will have a wedding with pomp.

A family celebration is assured to her by Swarna.

Eventually, Abheer comes and tells everyone to get to work as there is only a week left until the wedding.

In contrast, Suhasini advises Manish that they should take the sweet box and invitation personally to every family in Udaipur before leaving.

In response, Surekha taunts them, asking why they wouldn’t start from Udaipur since they will be paying for the wedding?

Both Manish and Swarna chide her for talking nonsense at such an auspicious time while Surekha tells them to not expect her to be quiet.

Later, Akshara and Abheer decide to join the Ladke Wala (Groom’s side) team, but Abhinav tells her she can’t because they’re too few.

She decides to be a part of both sides after much argument. Seeing Abhinav sad, Abhimanyu tells him that he doesn’t have to worry.

he will be on his side as Muskaan is his sister as well. Both teams challenge each other to be the best.

Kairav empathizes with Aarohi Later, Ruhi is excited about the wedding and selects her clothes with Aarohi

Kairav tells Aarohi that coming to his wedding will only cause her pain.

Aarohi tells Kairav that she has been looking forward to his wedding for so long and is relieved that he understands. In order to prevent her from being unhappy, he tells her the following:

Do what her heart tells her and only think of herself.

Aarohi gives Muskaan her wishes and tells him to give her gifts to Akshara and she will take her away from her.

A wedding invitation is refused by the Birlas

Mahima and Anand are not happy when Manish and Swarna arrive to invite Birlas to Kairav’s wedding.

Their pain over losing their daughter has not gone away. They had been through so much, but the time has come to let go and be a part of Kairav’s happiness as their blessings are important to him.

After some time, Manjari accepts the sweets and congratulates them on Kairav’s wedding. She also says there are still some issues between their families that need to be resolved, so no one from their family will be attending the wedding, but Aarohi and Ruhi can.

Meanwhile, Akshara and Abhinav are calculating expenses, and Akshara becomes concerned. Abhinav assures him, however, that he will be able to handle everything since it is his sister’s wedding.

Upon hearing them, Abhimanyu rushes to tell Abhinav that the hotel has offered him a great deal.

Abhinav easily believes him and thanks him for being so helpful. After the wedding, Akshara insists on receiving the real bill from Abhimanyu.

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